The Ongoing Record of New Songs, episode 986: Rock Explainer 3

This universe is pretty bizarre. And what will make factors even weirder is that we normally cease to query its weirdness even nevertheless it’s ideal in front of us. We’re way too near and entirely caught up in it.

Permit me give you some examples. When a person can take a group photograph, there is normally that individual who calls for absolutely everyone say “cheese” to get absolutely everyone to smile. But no a single is actually positive who was the initial to hire the “cheese” trick for pictures. In truth, in the early days of the digital camera, it was regarded as undignified to be captured on movie with any kind of grin. Back then, the command from the photographer was “say prunes.” That is why so many outdated photographs have persons doing the duck lip detail.

The before reference to “say cheese” comes from a Texas newspaper report in Oct 1943. Joseph E. Davies, a former ambassador to Moscow, gave absent a magic formula in an job interview. “How do I appear pleasurable no issue the situations? Just say ‘cheese.’” But Davies also admitted that this wasn’t his plan he’d discovered it from yet another politician.

What about some thing far more current? When we enter the complete handle of a web page in a browser, we kind That’s a bit…unwieldy. The story of the URL is pretty intricate, but we can break it down like this.

The “http” stands for “hypertext transfer protocol,” the set of principles that govern transferring documents about the interview. The “www” is for “world vast internet,” which is in which the URL life. But what is with the double slash and colin? That is a holdover that was written for the Apollo moon missions. (By the way, Tim Berners-Lee, the person who came up with this, is incredibly sorry. If he could have it back, he’d arrive up with something better.)

Due to the fact we’re on the best of rockets, why is there a countdown to launch? Appears to be apparent, suitable? You tick down the seconds right until the engines fire and the rocket leaves the pad. But get this: NASA took this thought from a 1929 silent film referred to as Frau Im Mond (translation: Gals in the Moon). It’s deemed to be a single of the to start with critical sci-fi movies. For the rocket launches in the movie, it attributes a countdown from 6: “6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, NOW!”

Again, this is things proper in entrance of our faces that we just settle for as portion of lifetime without at any time actually questioning what’s heading on and why we do this.

Now let us increase this to the environment of new music. There are many strange issues that we just take as actuality and normal protocol. But why? Let us find out. This is volume three in a collection I get in touch with Rock Explainer.

Tracks listened to on this exhibit:

  • Zymotic, Make clear It to Me
  • Ramones, Rock and Roll High School
  • The Fugs, CIA Guy
  • Husker Du, Can make No Feeling at All
  • Conversing Heads, Lifetime Through Wartime
  • The Cult, She Sells Sanctuary
  • Muse, Hysteria
  • Peter Gabriel, Shock the Monkey
  • White Stripes, 7 Country Army

As usual, Eric Wilhite has delivered a playlist.

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