The 10 Best Virtual Musical Instruments to Play Online

Buying musical instruments is costly. Besides, you need proper storage arrangements to keep them safe. If you are a casual musician or a hobbyist, you might find virtual musical instruments more feasible to practice and have fun with.

Even professional musicians can use these virtual instruments to come up with new tunes on the fly, as these instruments are free and don’t require any special arrangements. You can simply go to the websites and start making music with your computer’s keyboard or mouse.

So, let’s look at ten of the best virtual musical instruments you can play online for free.

Creating Music With Recursive Arts Virtual Piano

Recursive Arts Piano is a web app that is great for learning music in general. It has plenty of options that help you customize the instrument according to your preferences, like mapping and transposing the keys and choosing the preferred sound out of the five options. For your convenience and learning, you can also turn on scales, notes, or keys to appear on the virtual piano keys, making it easier to play.

Another fun feature is the option to learn a bunch of available songs. Just click on Songs and choose the track from the virtual screen in the center of the piano. You can also gamify the whole learning process by clicking on Game.

Additionally, you have the option to turn on a metronome at a desired tempo to play along a set beat. And once you are in the groove, the web app also lets you record your music. Although, you’ll need to register an account to do so.

2. Multi-Instrument Keyboard: Virtual Piano

Creating Music With Virtual Piano Keyboard

Virtual Piano is similar to the one offered by Recursive Arts, but has more options in terms of instrument sounds and songs. Just search for any song in the top search bar, and it will display its notes on a music sheet. You can also record your music for up to 30 seconds as a free user.

In addition to the key assist features, metronome, and the usual transpose and sustain options, you can attach a midi keyboard to it, which is a keyboard used to play music on PCs. If you have one, it can take your music to the next level.

Talking of midi keyboards, if you are serious about making music, you can check out these free online DAWs (Digital Audio Workstations) that you can use to create proper tracks. And you might also need these websites to download free VST (Virtual Studio Technology) instruments and plugins to use with these DAWs.

Creating Music With Recursive Arts Online Guitar

Another Recursive Arts product on the list is the Online Guitar, which offers a ton of options to provide you with a realistic guitar-playing experience. Guitars are not as easy to replicate virtually as pianos and keyboards, and considering that, Recursive Arts has done a great job with it.

You can assign keyboard keys to up to ten chords, and can also assign keys to each of the strings. You also get built-in chord sets like pop, jazz, blues, and more.

If you want to strum all the strings simultaneously, press the Up Arrow or Down Arrow key. You can adjust the strumming speed by tinkering with the Stroke Speed option.

Creating Music With Virtual Bass Guitar

Now that you have played piano and guitar online, you might want to add some bass to your music. Musicca Bass Guitar is a simple web app that lets you do so.

Like other instruments on this list, you can use your keyboard to play this bass guitar. You can also mark notes on the guitar to understand which note you’re playing, and can also highlight the key (an environment of specific notes) in which you want to play music.

Creating Beats With Virtual Drumming Drum Sets

Virtual Drumming is ready to rock as soon as you load the web page. If you’re not sure which keys to press to play certain sounds, click on the Hamburger menu at the top and press Keys to display or modify the key mapping.

Depending on your genre of music, you can also customize your drum setup by loading rock, metal, jazz, or some original drum sets. And if you’ve got some technical knowledge about drums, you can even fine-tune each sound to your liking. All in all, you get a pretty solid percussion solution in this web app.

6. Drum Machine: drumbit

Creating Beats With drumbit drum machine

If you couldn’t create a beat with Virtual Drumming, you might find drumbit useful. You won’t have to play this instrument with your keyboard. You simply have to lay out the beat on the map from left to right by defining which instrument is to be played at which time.

This virtual drum machine has plenty of options to modify the sound and beat. Once you get a hang of it, you can also record your beats within the web app.

Creating Music With online synth

Synthesizers, or synths for short, are pretty versatile musical instruments, and is a great example of it. Physical synths generate the audio signal electronically, while virtual ones replicate it digitally.

The fun part of using, or most other synths, is that you get so many presets that it can be overwhelming to choose one. You get almost all the instruments packed in this one virtual instrument, including a drum kit, making it a one-stop solution for your musical needs.

Additionally, you can attach your midi keyboard to this web app. The only thing missing is the ability to record your music, but to be fair, it compensates for it with all the other great features.

Creating Music With Virtual Pan Flute

Virtual Pan Flute doesn’t have too many options. It’s a simple instrument that you can play with just a few keyboard keys. This pan flute gives you less digital and more of a folk sound. Each note that you play with it has a soothing feel to it. Besides, its simplicity makes it perfect for hobbyists who don’t want a feature set as broad as that of a synth or a keyboard.

Creating Music With Virtual Glockenspiel Online

Glockenspiel is somewhat similar to a xylophone, but has its own distinctive sound. If you have experience playing piano online, you can easily play Virtual Glockenspiel on your PC keyboard.

It’s from the same company that offers Virtual Pan Flute, so you can expect the same simplicity and easy key mapping. If you want, you can also play it with your mouse by clicking on the instrument image.

Creating Music With Virtual Xylophone Online

Talking of xylophone, we had to include this Virtual Xylophone to round off the list. It has such a beautiful sound, especially considering that you get it for free.

You can operate it pretty much like Virtual Pan Flute and Virtual Glockenspiel because the same company is behind all three of these instruments. It’ll be a great addition to your musical arsenal.

Have Fun Creating Music on Your PC

These virtual instruments won’t likely give you the next chart-topper. However, you can practice and hone your art using these instruments to become a professional musician one day. In any case, you are sure to have some fun while playing them.

With these ten best online virtual musical instruments, you get pretty much all the necessary sounds that you might need. And some of these instruments offer tons of presets to explore even more sounds if you want.