Sun Label Group Announces Launch With Party In Nashville

Paul Sizelove has been involved in selling music and records for decades. This month he is officially launching Sun Label Group, the product of three years’ work. He is the President of the Sun Label Group. Three years ago Primary Wave acquired all of the intellectual property of Memphis based Sun Records. Those rights are marketed by Sun Label Group. Sizelove has tackled a project steeped in history and with a deep legacy of artistic creation.

Sun Label Group was formed by Primary Wave, a company investing in music copyrights and ancillary assets. Primary Wave’s purchase of Sun Records’ music rights, logos and intellectual property complements their existing ownership of Gaither Music and Green Hill Music.

The Sun purchase fits into the already existing infrastructure in which both Green Hill Music and Gaither Music have music portfolios which Sizelove and his team are already mining. The acquisition is of the rights and publishing formerly owned by Sun, which are now available for digitizing, rerecording, vinyl releases and synch rights. These streams of revenue add up, and are a credible alternative to simply selling song catalogues to aggregators such as Concord Chorus which itself is in the process of acquiring competitor Hipgnosis.

I spoke at length with Paul Sizelove who spends considerable time in his Nashville office when not in the air or on the road helping others find uses for this living music of the past.

The Sun Label Group’s launch party happens in Nashville, TN on Tuesday, May 14th. It should be quite the event, with several live performances. Sun Records was a pioneer in the earliest days of rock and roll, while Gaither Music focuses on gospel and contemporary Christian music. Green Hill has its own life of more tranquil sounds. Collectively, this portfolio covers a wide swath of music.

Sizelove and his team work their assets like a retail operation. They grind out ways to repurpose the music. They license their music assets for big projects and small, all with the intent to maintain the public’s connection to that music, and to drive ongoing revenues. This works in part because there is much unreleased content still residing in the vaults of Sun which are now available for sale to the public. When Gaither Music was acquired, it came with an extensive video library of performances which are still running on television, or in short clips on streaming services.

The business of creating demand for historic music requires creativity and invention. The formats for distribution of music have changed over the years from vinyl singles and records to digital streams. As the options have changed, the opportunities multiply. Sizelove’s team can sell the same bit of music as a record, a licensed right for film or television, sheet music, streaming, commercial use, in a compilation album or in support of advertising. As new entrants enter digital space, new opportunities to sell from the Sun Lable Group’s music assets emerge.

The legendary Sun Records studio was not included in the asset sale. It lives on in Memphis, TN as a reminder of the early days when acts like Elvis Presley or Johnny Cash could pull up to the studio, record a song, get it pressed and take it to the local D.J. to get some air play.

However, Sizelove’s team still replicates that same modus operandi. They commission pressings on vinyl from the Sun catalogue and sell it to collectors and music lovers. Who wouldn’t want a fresh virgin pressing on heavy vinyl of Sun classics to take home?

It was a real treat to spend time with Sizelove. His thirty plus years of experience in selling music reveals both a love for the job and his vision to keep historic music out of museums and into current use. Someone has to help both curate and bolster the songs which were the foundation of rock and roll and early commercial gospel tracks. Those pieces of music are embedded throughout our culture. It’s important they are not lost to future generations.

The acquisition of the Sun catalogue filled in a missing puzzle piece for Primary Wave, and gives Sizelove’s team the breadth of catalogue to keep those historic pieces of recorded musical history current, saleable and in use for film and television. That doesn’t come easy. It takes a master of both current and historical music who acts as ringleader of the team which continuously finds a way to embed that music into new works.

Music is an unique animal. It burrows deep into your brain and lives there forever. Songs from the past are quickly recognized when played again years or decades later. Somehow, those sounds and lyrics reside in memory long after most other information has slipped away. Sun Label Group holds a portfolio of assets which are familiar around the world. Paul Sizelove and his team are making sure that those songs and all accompanying intellectual property they hold are best leveraged in a way to serve fans in every possible form and format. It seems like a winning strategy. They’re selling memories which buyers are happy to revisit in multiple formats from streaming to video to vinyl. The process of reclaiming old video and audio elements and distributing them into the market is almost alchemy. Sun Label Group’s musical assets convert memories into cash flow and that is a great business plan.