K-Pop Group Dreamcatcher Information

If you are remotely familiar with South Korea’s contributions to pop or rock new music, there is a great chance that the 7-member team Dreamcatcher has been on your radar for fairly some time. In truth, as they proceed to actively dominate the rock-encouraged side of the genre, their hardened seem has only helped their profession evolve by album sales and the group’s initially domestic audio awards present acquire final year. Now, with a very well-deserved Dreamcatcher Renaissance on the horizon, we have made it a minimal less complicated to familiarize on your own with their expansive heritage and each of the outstanding women of all ages hooked up to this dark horse of a pop group.

The Inception of Dreamcatcher

Regardless of getting regarded as Dreamcatcher for several many years now, the group been given a a great deal tamer debut sound below the title of MINX that was promoted from 2014-2016. By the time the five-member group’s enterprise opted to pursue a substantially diverse route to rebrand as Dreamcatcher, they added two new users to the MINX roster and wholly reshaped the group’s identity to integrate a considerably edgier alternate to the intensely-saturated bubblegum pop tunes that K-pop enthusiasts have been accustomed to.

The Group’s Hybrid Pop-Rock Audio

When Dreamcatcher rose from the ashes of MINX in early 2017, the team at last felt like it experienced fulfilled its destiny as an “anti-mainstream pop group” intensely influenced by each rock and steel. Embracing their organic changeover into a fewer-predictable audio, they then devoted the future 5 years to sustaining their status as a single of the most recognizable rock groups in Korea. And with hits like “MAISON,” “BEcause,” “Scream,” and “PIRI” in their arsenal, Dreamcatcher is eventually receiving the worldwide awareness they are entitled to. Devoid of more ado, listed here are the women of all ages driving Dreamcatcher.

The Associates

JiU (29)

JiU functions as the optimistic leader of Dreamcatcher, and when using on that title for a group as chaotically unpredictable as this one, you’re going to have your function lower out for you. Luckily, JiU is all smiles and isn’t fearful to choose (gentle) shots from her users. It’s also regularly heartwarming to see how a lot enjoy JiU has not only for her associates but for the team in normal, taking great pleasure in the work they’ve accomplished together above the many years. We appreciate a passionate and respectable leader!

SuA (28)

It is been scientifically verified that it’s unachievable to dislike Dreamcatcher’s most skilled member, SuA. Why? Effectively, for starters, she’s an outspoken versatile performer who comes about to also be hilarious. In addition, when you have a Leo in the combine, loyalty is all but assured, which most likely contributes to her role as the quirky, clingy sibling of the pop/rock team. There is also her instinctive capacity to adapt to choreography, so every team would be lucky to have a SuA waiting around in the wings.

Siyeon (27)

If any individual in the team was destined to turn into a important component of Dreamcatcher’s rock influence, it was Siyeon, who enjoys the grittier sides of audio. During her significant faculty a long time, the K-pop most important vocalist took her unwavering appreciate for the metal/rock genres and channeled it into her have band right before finally joining the firm exactly where she’d commit the future 4 years coaching for the MINX-to-Dreamcatcher launch. And all those tranquil, polished vocals she’s now capable of? Yeah, Siyeon crushes it each and every time.

Handong (27)

Dreamcatcher’s visual queen Handong has some of the most relatable attributes amid the group’s associates, principally simply because of her subservience to cats (we stan Nannan), and partially simply because of her fascination in cheffing up tasty desserts. Two pretty crucial information, truthfully. Outside of Dreamcatcher, the well-educated bilingual singer has also released a separate vocation as a soloist in China, so she in all probability does not have any spare time for new hobbies. Queen Handong proceeds to prosper!

Yoohyeon (26)

Very first and foremost, Korean artist Yoohyeon is nicely-versed in linguistics (with a simple being familiar with of English, Mandarin, and German), which is much more than most individuals can say for themselves. When you plug those attributes into her occupation as a musician, you can see the the influence throughout the group’s Japanese releases like “PIRI,” or even all through her various English addresses of tracks such as the utter slayage of “Touch” by Small Mix.

Dami (26)

Dami totally radiates K-pop “it girl” electrical power. She’s recognized for bringing significant attraction to performances, has studied Kendo, is extremely protective of her fellow Dreamcatcher members, and has an appreciation for anime. Dami’s raspier tones are evident cross the group’s discography, but especially throughout her higher-strength self-manufactured solo performance of “Beauty Full” which dropped just previous yr.

Gahyeon (24)

With a great deal of instruction practical experience from companies like FNC (P1Harmony) and YG (Blackpink), Dreamcatcher’s Gahyeon eventually landed a location in the rock-hefty team by means of their MINX dissolution and sonic reinvention. Artistically speaking, the youngest member of Dreamcatcher has also contributed to different positions inside the group, like a location as a lead rapper and a recurring place for surprising sugary sweet vocals. However, extremely advocate that you don’t mistake her for currently being adorable, simply because according to the singer, she’s officially upgraded to getting “cool.”



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