How Radiohead revolutionised rock music in the ‘00s

Radiohead had invested the 90s operating out what it meant to be a modern day rock band. After a pair of activity-shifting, guitar-significant documents in The Bends and Alright Laptop, about the up coming decade they laid down a blueprint for everybody else. Apart from Radiohead’s blueprint was that there shouldn’t be a blueprint. “You’d think by now we’d know what’s likely to perform, and what is continue to frustrating for us,” bassist Colin Greenwood instructed Typical Rock back in 2009. “But it’s encouraging that we never know whether or not something’s going to arrive across performed on a laptop computer or whether or not it has to be carried out on a piano. It’s gotten so twisted. But what we have figured out is that you just can’t repeat a technique that you’ve currently applied on a different song just since it labored back then.”

At that level, Radiohead were being coming off the again of In Rainbows, the inventive peak of what you could possibly explain at the band’s 2nd imperial section. It had started with 1999’s Child A, an album that drew a line below the jagged artwork-rock that designed them huge, ushering in an period of experimentation with electronics and warped beats. But new methods forward weren’t with out their missteps – 2003’s sprawling and overlong Hail To The Thief suggested they weren’t particular which way to go so tried using to go to in all places at after.