Everything You Need to Know About Custom Archtop Guitars

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Sometimes you have something you have no words for. You don’t even remember what you are doing because you are so amazed by what you have in front of you. You have never seen anything like it before and you will continue to do so if you don’t make the best purchase of your life soon. We are talking about a custom archtop acoustic guitar. These are the guitars that are considered the Rolls Royce of guitars, the crème de la crème and the top of the top. This is for good reason, but why is it so? That remains a mystery for now, but after reading this blog you will understand. When you are ready, we do want to start explaining to you why this is so. So, are you ready for this? Hopefully so, because then we will get started soon. Prepare yourself, because you may have a tendency to pull out your wallet right away. 

What is archtop?

An Archtop guitar cannot be compared to any other normal guitar. This type of guitar is a specific type in acoustic guitars that has a different sound construction. The guitar gained a lot of popularity in the 1940s, and not surprisingly. The guitar’s sound box is curved at the top of the top. This makes for a very unique sound, one that you can’t achieve in any other way. This is mainly used for music styles like country and jazz, and that’s not surprising; the unique sound of an archtop guitar is exactly what is sought after in these types of music. Quite logical really. 

Why custom?

Why custom? Well, that’s oo a fairly easy question to answer. This is because a custom guitar, and specifically one from Scharpach guitars, is one that you will never be able to match with a guitar from the shop. Whereas a store-bought guitar is made for the masses and thus for the ‘average’ player, a custom guitar is the next step towards the right game. A custom guitar is completely tailored to your needs and requirements. In addition, it is also geared to your body; it is an extension of your body rather than just a musical instrument. Also, Scharpach guitars is a leading, renowned company in the industry. For some forty years, this established name has been making only the very best guitars for all great players. So plenty of reason for you to choose this too.