Chelsea Music Festival to Present Live Album Performance Of MIDSUMMER NIGHT MAGIC by The Lee Trio

Chelsea Music Festival will present the live album performance from the Chelsea Music Festival Records label, Midsummer Night Magic: an album of music that brings joy and solace through the stories it tells, from The Lee Trio. The album will be performed live as part of the 15th season of the Chelsea Music Festival:”Connecting the Dots,” led by Artistic Directors Melinda Lee Masur and Ken-David Masur, which will trace how music and art allows us to touch what seems intangible, repair what seems broken, and reimagine our interconnectedness with one another. Festival tickets go on sale Wednesday, May 15, 2024. 

Midsummer Night Magic, which will be released in June 2024 during the festival, is the fourth album released under the Chelsea Music Festival Records label, in which the Lee Trio, comprised of Lisa Lee on violin, Angela Lee on cello, and Melinda Lee Masur on piano, weave the music of Uljas Pulkkis, Edmund Finnis, and Robert Schumann together to tell stories. As described by the Lee Trio, Uljas Pulkkis paints pictures of Finnish childhood legends of Midsummer solstice; Edmund Finnis’ timeless landscape invites us to listen deeply; and Robert Schumann’s music lays the foundation for how the Lee Trio tell their own stories as musicians, mothers, and human beings-with vulnerability, empathy and swelling hope. Album artwork courtesy of visual artist Aliza Williams. To learn more about Midsummer Night Magic, including where to purchase or stream the album, visit

“It is not just their rich palette of tone colours that marks them out, but also the delicious sense of collusion that animates their ensemble playing. From the outset the players gripped the attention with the immediacy and freshness of their expression” – The STRAD

The album will be performed live on Tuesday, June 25 at 7pm at Czech Center, 321 E. 73rd Street, NYC.


· Midsummer Night Magic- Visions & Stories

· Tuesday, June 25 at 7pm at Czech Center, 321 E. 73rd Street, NYC

· Selections from The Lee Trio album “Midsummer Night Magic” (Chelsea Music Festival Records label releasing June 2024)

· Fern Flowers by Uljas Pulkkis

· Five Trios by Edmund Finnis

· Piano Trio No. 2 in F Major, Op. 80 by Robert Schumann

· Fantasiestücke, Op. 88 by Robert Schumann

· Austrian duo baritone Daniel Gutmann and pianist Maximilian Kromer performing Liederkreis Op. 24 by Robert Schumann

· Pianist Robert Fleitz performing Märchentänze (“Dances from Fairytale”) – III. A Skylark byThomas Ades

· Performance of the Dumky Piano Trio No. 4 in E minor, Op. 90, B. 166 by Antonín Dvořák (120th anniversary of his death).


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