Bibi Club’s Feu de Garde and More New Canadian Albums

This week’s Canadian album releases include the hotly-tipped Bibi Club, plus Dan Loomis, Ryan Oliver Quartet, Devontee, Stephen Hamm, Roddy Ellias, Dan-e-o and Olivia Penalva.

Those recently announcing upcoming album release dates include Spencer Jo, Ruby Waters, Rick White and The Sadies and Colin Fisher.

See the full calendar of new and upcoming releases below, after our Album of the Week feature.

Album of the Week: Bibi Club, Feu
de garde

Bibi Club, the Montreal duo consisting of Adèle Trottier-Rivard and Nicolas Basque, made a real splash with a 2022 debut album, Le Soleil et La Mer. It earned them the “Great Hope for 2023” award at the GAMIQ, a nomination in the “Revelation of the Year” category at the Gala de l’ADISQ, and a spot on the Polaris Prize 2023 Longlist. Their new album, Feu de garde, comes out today (May 10), and is already generating a buzz (MOJO gave it 4 stars). The Bibi Club sound features pulsating keyboards, driving guitars, melodic vocals and thoughtful lyrics (new single “Shloshlo,” is described as a feminist ode). The group opened shows for Blonde Redhead in the U.S., and has been doing promotion in Europe, leading up to a record launch in Paris on June 6. They have Quebec shows in Val-david (May 11) and Sainte-Therese (May 12) and in Toronto (May 27), but hometown fans have to wait until Nov. 21 for a show at Théâtre Fairmount as part of M for Montreal. Check their itinerary here. Look for big things this year for Bibi Club.


3: Clever Hopes, New Kind of Familiar

3: Charlotte Day Wilson, Cyan Blue

3: Dun-Dun Band, Pita Parka Pt. 1 — Xam Egdub (Ansible Editions)

3: Ken Tizzard & Music For Goats, The Dagg Sessions

3: Jon Gordon, 7th Ave South

3: Laraw, Quarter Life Crisis (Bravo Musique)

3: Dan Loomis, Revolutions (Adhyâropa Records)

3: Rachel Davis & Darren McMullen, Home

3: Ryan Oliver Quartet, Live In Vancouver

3: Kari van der Kloot, Window (TPR Records)

3: Jaz Valentino – 7+

3: k-os, Atlantis+

3: Wake Island, Born to Leave – revisited

3: Daniel Desorcy, So This Is What It’s Like

3: Devontee, Yaa Ehhh

3: CHXMERAS, Terminal City (Virtua94 Records)

3: Kayo, Extended Trip

3: Ian Janes, WeakNights

3: Powfu, The Fleeting Life of a Fool

3: Souldia & Lost – Portrait robot

3: Tenille Arts, To Be Honest

6: Stephen Hamm, Songs of the Future

7: Grievous Angels, Last Call For Cinderella

7: The Scenics, New Part In Town

9: Roddy Ellias, Moon Over Lake

10: Xana, The Sex Was Good Until It Wasn’t

10: Atelier Speech, Speech Vol.4

10: Abigail Lapell, Anniversary (Outside Music)

10: Sebastian Bach, Child within the Man, (Napalm)

10: Christina Petrowska Quilico, Games Of The Night Wind (Navona Records)

10: Brenda Earle Stokes, Motherhood

10: Olivia Penalva, Spiderwebs

10: Potatohead People, Eat Your Heart Out (Bastard Jazz Recordings)

10: Myriam Gendron, Mayday

10: Bibi Club, Feu de garde (Secret City Records)

10: Dan-e-o, Vigilante (UrbNet)

10: Various artists, Speech Vol. 4 (Ateliers Speech/Bravo)

10: Jeremy Gignoux, Odd Stillness

10: Handheld, Live at 25

10: Orville Peck, Stampede Vol. 1 (Warner Records)

13: Dump Babes, Known Liar

17: Alana Yorke, Destroyer (Paper Bag Records)

17: Major Love, Live, Laugh, Major Love (Slow Weather)

17: Maple Mountain Sunburst, Ecstatic

17: Telehorn, The Gravity Of See You Later (Touch in Motion)

17: Kaïa Kater, Strange Medicine (Acronym)

17: Ruth Moody, Wanderer (Blue Muse Records/True North Records)

17: The Luvmenauts, Ephemera (Do Right Music)

17: Ruth Saphir, Accolades of Time (Orchard of Pomegranates)

17: The Anti-Queens, Disenchanted ( Stomp Records)

17: Coleman Hell, Joyride (604 Records)

17: John Kameel Farah & Nick Fraser, Farahser (Elastic Recording)

17: Tess Anderson, Before I Come Unhinged

17: Lemon Bucket Orkestra, Cuckoo

17: Ghostly Kisses, Darkroom

24: David Myles, Devil Talking (Little Tiny Records / turtlemusik)

24: Wes Carroll Confabulation, Helium

24: Priori, This But More (NAFF)

24: Kiesza, Dancing and Crying: Vol. 1

24: Old Man Luedecke, She Told Me Where to Go

24: Wyatt C. Louis, Chandler (Royal Mountain Records)

24: Alanna Sterling, Everything’s gonna be just fine (Indica Records)

24: Kenton Loewen, Petrol Matches Boom (Drip Audio)

24: Deanna Knight, Every Little Spark


24: Lynne Hanson, Just A Poet

31: Unessential Oils, S/T (Secret City Records)

24: Joe Rocca, Hybride(Bonsound.)

29: Spencer Jo, The Water (Moments Fest Records)

30: David Picco, Until Now

31: Mary-frances Leahy First Light

31: Ruby Waters, What’s The Point

31: Sam Jr., Inner Shadow (Arts & Crafts)

31: Luka Kuplowsky & The Ryokan Band – How Can I Possibly Sleep When There Is Music (Next Door Records)


7: Rick White and The Sadies, S/T (Blue Fog)

7: Penny Shade, EP 2

13: Christin Hyshka, Rescue

13: Kym Gouchie,Shun beh nats’ujeh

14: The Hi Tops,Lips, Hips, and Counterfeits

14: Maggie Andrew, Day Job (turtlemusik)

14:Ellen Doty, Every Little Scene

14: Geoffroy, Good Boy

21: Belfountain, Some Hearts

21: Celeigh Cardinal, Boundless Possibilities

21: Islands, What Occurs

21: SUBB and Mudie, Cat Songs EP

28: Homeshake, Horsie (Dine Alone Records)

28: Tommy Crane, Dance Music for All Occasions (Elastic Recordings)


5: Future Star, It’s About Time! (Mint Records)

12: Donovan Woods, Things Were Never Good If They’re Not Good Now (End Times Music)

12: Colin Fisher, Suns Of The Heart (We Are Busy Bodies)

17: Begonia, Open Swim (Birthday Cake Records)

19: Oleyada, Late Night Jam

19: Boy Golden, For Eden (Six Shooter)

26: Electric Religious, The Taste (Red Music Rising)


30: The Sound of Eddy, Ladders (Ensoul Records)


6: Hansom Ēli, Sip

27: Julian Taylor Pathways (Howling Turtle, Inc.)