Best Music Production Gear Of 2022: Editors’ Top Choices For The Best Studio Gear This Year

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Best Music Production Gear Of 2022

We at Magnetic consider it an absolute privilege to be able to review all of the latest gear, synths, plug-ins, and production tools on the market in order to help better recommend them to you (or help you avoid the nasty ones). And over the course of an entire year, we are able to form some strong opinions about what works in our studio and what doesn’t.

This makes coming up with the yearly “best of” lists always so damn hard. Because not every product or piece will be perfect for you. Some might be out of your budget and some might be designed for a style of music you don’t produce. There’s a lot of pressure curating a list like this, but we put in the time and got the work done. 

Below is our comprehensive list of the best production tools we crossed paths with this year. Not every item will be the industry standard, in fact, we avoided simply filling this list with the most expensive and unobtainable gear in the world. Instead, we filled it with innovative, vibey, cool, and forward-thinking products and companies that made some serious waves in 2022.