Are Music Genres REALLY Dying?


“What genre of music do you play?” 

As an aspiring musician with ‘genre-fluid’ tastes, it’s a question that can throw you for a loop. 

What do you call music that sidesteps the usual musical categories altogether? If it’s hard to label, can you still market it, especially as an independent or emerging musician? 

This is a guest post – written by singer-songwriter and writer, Philippe de Pontet – whose music you can check out here.

Do Musical Genres Actually Matter Anymore?

Industry experts argue that genre is no longer relevant in today’s music ecosystem that is dominated by playlists, algorithms and social media. 

In fact, the nation’s most respected magazine, the New Yorker, has pronounced the demise of genre as a major paradigm shift in recent feature pieces. Music publications like Pitchfork and Rolling Stone have also weighed in on the topic, generally welcoming ‘de-genrefication’ as a breath of fresh air for musicians and listeners alike.